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Creating and implementing a Needs Assessment to assist in determining needs of the trans community.

Trans News

  1. Bill 2: Quebec to drop surgery requirement for people who want to change their sex on IDs

    Activists worried transgender people would be outed every time they showed their ID, because they would be the only ones with a "gender'' as opposed to a "sex'' designation.
  2. Quebec tables Bill 2, ‘most regressive bill proposed on trans rights’: advocates

    Bill 2 sets to amend the civil code and only allow trans people who undergo gender-affirming surgery to request an official sex change to their birth certificate.
  3. Netflix employees stage walkout over anti-transgender comments in Dave Chappelle special

    Netflix ran into a buzz-saw of criticism not only with the special but in how internal memos from the streamer's CEO responded to employees' concerns.
  4. Manitoba Liberal candidate says signs vandalized with transphobic slurs

    The election campaign in the Provencher riding has taken an ugly turn as the Liberal candidate says his signs have been vandalized with transphobic slurs.
  5. ‘Slap in the face’: Trans voters say they’re still seeing ‘deadnames’ on voter cards

    Despite the issue coming to light in 2019 and previous elections, many trans and non-binary Canadians maintain they've done the legwork to getting an incorrectly named voter card.
  6. Canada’s Quinn to become the first non-binary, transgender athlete to win an Olympic medal

    A Canadian soccer player is about to make history as the first transgender, non-binary athlete to win an Olympic medal as Canada's women's soccer team takes on Sweden Thursday.
  7. Primary care providers called on to respond to survey to improve trans health care in Hamilton

    Local health-care providers are being asked to fill out a survey to help make it easier for people who are transgender to access care in Hamilton.
  8. Coming out as trans in Alberta: ‘It’s hard at first… I was always hyper vigilant’

    Two trans Albertans share their coming out stories, how others can be good allies and what Pride means to them.
  9. Mentorship for LGBTQ2 youth can be a matter of life and death

    Older generations have been paving the way for younger LGBTQ2 people trying to navigate the world, say advocates, and it's crucial for them to have access.

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Bill C16 is now law in Canada!


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