Creating a Needs Assessment...

Creating and implementing a Needs Assessment to assist in determining needs of the trans community.

Trans News

  1. Manitoba Liberal candidate says signs vandalized with transphobic slurs

    The election campaign in the Provencher riding has taken an ugly turn as the Liberal candidate says his signs have been vandalized with transphobic slurs.
  2. ‘Slap in the face’: Trans voters say they’re still seeing ‘deadnames’ on voter cards

    Despite the issue coming to light in 2019 and previous elections, many trans and non-binary Canadians maintain they've done the legwork to getting an incorrectly named voter card.

Gender Identity & Gender Expression

Trans Rights Are Human Rights!

Bill C16 is now law in Canada!


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The Toronto Trans Coalition Project is a new partnership of trans and gender non-binary support and advocacy groups in Toronto.

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