Creating a Needs Assessment...

Creating and implementing a Needs Assessment to assist in determining needs of the trans community.

Trans News

  1. South Korean military discharges its first transgender soldier

    Byun Hui-su asked military leaders to reconsider their decision and let her serve as a female soldier. She said becoming a soldier was her childhood dream.
  2. Quebec transgender inmate asks for transfer to women’s prison

    A transgender inmate convicted of murder in 2016 is taking the federal government to court, demanding she be transferred to a women's prison.
  3. B.C. father’s attempt to stop child’s gender transition tossed out by appeal court

    The father went to court after learning his child, who was assigned female at birth, was undergoing hormone therapy to transition to a boy.
  4. Federal government asked Canadians if they’re ‘comfortable’ with LGBT people

    Global News has obtained government polls that show Canadians are overwhelmingly accepting of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people playing significant roles in their lives.

Gender Identity & Gender Expression

Trans Rights Are Human Rights!

Bill C16 is now law in Canada!


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